quickreports - company credit checks

Understanding a UK credit report

Our UK Company Credit check reports are tabulated for ease of use.

Credit Limit is the amount determined as an acceptable level of credit upon which a supplier might deal with the subject company (total credit exposure). Also, what our data provider believes a company can afford on any given notice.

The contract limit is a numerical value given as a yardstick for the maximum contact capacity on a single contract over 12 months.

The risk Index predicts the likelihood that a company will obtain legal relief from its creditors or cease operations over the next 12-month period. This is marked between 1 – 100, where 1 represents companies that have the highest probability of financial stress.

Days Beyond Terms is the average number of days beyond the invoice due date that a company pays its bills.

Judgments, or County Court Judgments, or legal events recorded for a company will be shown in red, with further details available under the public record tab (Level 3).

The summary will include the relevant details of a company, including the company’s address, SIC code (Standard Industrial Classification), operating status, and the general details of the company i.e., the registration date. The financial summary will show an overview of the company’s financial performance for up to 5 years. Two colours are indicated within the financial summary, green showing the increase in revenue and red showing the decrease.

Credit Rating shows the company’s credit and risk index history, showing how they have improved or decreased over time.

Also available to view are the main influencing factors that contribute to the recommended credit limit and risk index score.

Black bullet points – Neutral

Red bullet points – Negative

Green bullet points – Positive


The latest accounts filed at Companies House will be shown here. Our data provider has a direct feed with Companies House; once received, our report will be updated within 2-10 working days.


Our data provider obtains trade payment data from 3rd parties and uses this information to understand how a company pays its trading invoices and experiences within the agreed terms. The later their payments are, the higher the days beyond terms will be, negatively impacting the report.


Company documents are available to download from this tab if you view a ‘live’ report.

Public record

Any registered judgments, otherwise known as County Court Judgments, or legal events which have been satisfied or are still unsatisfied will be shown here. Our data provider has a direct feed with The Gazette. Once received, our report will be updated within 2-10 working days.


Auditor opinions and historical events of the company will be shown within this tab.


Where applicable, we will show the filing of a company's legal structure from a Companies House search and branch addresses. We will show secondary SIC codes which may be related to the company (these do not affect a company’s score). Only the principal activity SIC will have a bearing on the score.


We will show the current principals as per the filing at Companies House, other companies they are associated with, and previous principals.


Quick links to various search engines may be beneficial when conducting due diligence on a company. We will also show a snapshot of the company’s website where applicable.