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In our podcasts, we aim to show you a different side of the credit industry with Dan Hancocks (MD at CoCredo) enjoying an open debate with experts in the credit arena.

Episode 15: Dan talks to Laurie and Martyn from Forums International - Part 2


28 minutes

In the second part of this podcast, Dan Hancocks talks to Laurie and Martyn about the issues facing SMEs and the other forums they have coming up.

Episode 15: Dan talks to Laurie and Martyn from Forums International - Helping SMEs Part 1


12 minutes

In the first part of this Talking Credit Podcast Laurie Beagle and Martyn Brooke discuss the new forum that has just been launched to help SMEs with growth and survival post-pandemic. 

We find out why they feel the forum is needed, who is involved and who will benefit from coming along to the first virtual event on 29th September.

Episode 14: Dan talks to Chris Sanders from Chris Sanders Consulting and Head of CICMQ Accreditation


59 minutes

Chris joined us back in July last year where he spoke to us about his work with the CICMQ and the playbook that he'd written that discusses the credit industry during the pandemic.

8 months on, Chris speaks to Dan about the latest playbook, which is now on its 5th edition and what has happened within the industry over the last 12 months.

Dan and Chris focused on the top 6 issues, that were deemed to be the most important issues that credit professionals wanted to focus on this year. These were: Stakeholder management, Wellbeing – Flexible working, Nurturing a high performing team, Creating a ‘Credit Aware’ Organisation, Manage Remotely and finally, have fun!

They also take a look at what the future may hold for the credit industry and credit professionals going forward. This episode is jam-packed full of both interesting and fun content, making it a must-listen for all those who work within the credit industry.

Episode 13: Dan talks to Charles and Josh Mayhew from Global Credit Recoveries


43 minutes

In our latest Talking Credit Podcast, Dan Hancocks talks to Charles and Josh Mayhew from Global Credit Recoveries.

What these guys don’t know about credit collections in the USA, EMEA and Asia Pacific isn’t worth knowing! Charles and Josh give us a great insight into how credit collections differ in these countries as opposed to the UK.

They discuss the different collection techniques and process used in the varying countries as well as some funny anecdotes along the way. We also find out how Charles and Josh began their journey and how working with CoCredo's partnership scheme has benefited their business.

Episode 12: Dan talks to Bryony Pettifor and Nic Crisp


29 minutes

We are excited to bring you our latest Talking Credit Podcast featuring Bryony Pettifor (Vice President CICM and Anixter) and Nic Crisp (Head & Heart Leadership). This Podcast takes on a slightly different format to our previous interviews as we delve into different leadership styles and the importance of talking and listening to your team. Nic is on hand to offer great advice, whilst Bryony and Dan share some of their experiences and challenges, especially during the current situation. A must listen if you are in a management or leadership role.

Episode 11: Dan talks to Nick King from Agility


48 minutes

In this vodcast, Dan talks to Nick King from Agility. Nick is a well-known face within the credit industry, with 25 years of experience behind him.

This episode covers a multitude of subjects including the changing face of networking, the pros and cons of meeting face to face and via zoom. They look at the importance of credit managers at the current time and why they should continue to take a front seat.

They also discuss International credit and Nick's involvement with the ICTF (The Association of International Credit and Trade Finance Professionals) amongst many other issues.

Episode 10: Part 2, Jane Bray talks to Chris Sanders Head of Accreditation at CICMQ


35 minutes

If one part wasn’t enough, we are delighted to bring you part two of the Talking Credit vodcast with Chris Sanders and Jane Bray. Topics covered in this episode include remote working, resilience, working with sales teams to help recovery, doing more with less and what makes a high performing team. This, and so much more is covered within this 35-minute episode.

Episode 9: Part one, Jane Bray talks to Chris Sanders, Head of Accreditation at CICMQ


36 minutes

We are excited to bring you part 1 of CoCredo's latest Talking Credit vodcast with Chris Sanders FCICM. Chris and Jane Bray discuss the 3rd Playbook that's been written using the findings from the CICMQ events that have been held since lockdown.

This episode is jam-packed full of findings and insights into what is happening within the credit industry now including the 4 phases of transition, the changing face of the credit management function, recruitment, working from home and training staff amongst many other topics. 

Episode 8: David Boots talks to Jackie Ray from Blaser Mills


16 minutes

In this podcast Dave talks to Jackie about how Blaser Mills law firm have coped and adapted during Covid-19. They also talk about moving back to the office and Jackie discusses their landmark win.

Episode 7: Dan talks to Chris Snelson from VF Corporation and Mike Diette from Harley Davidson


42 minutes

In this latest podcast, Dan Hancocks is by joined by credit professionals, Chris Snelson from VF Corporation and Mike Diette from Harley Davidson.

This interesting interview covers topics such as international debt collection, and how both companies have had to adapt to the new normal. They discuss how they have looked to help customers in different ways by exploring what government funding is available in the UK and overseas to help their businesses. We also talk about their involvement with the AICDP (Association of International Credit Directors).

Episode 6: Part two, Dan continues his talk with Laurie and Martyn from Forums International


16 minutes

In the second part of this Podcast, Dan speaks to Martyn Brooke and Laurie Beagle about developing credit professionals of the future. Here they discuss mentoring and learning from the younger generation.

They also look at changes in the credit industry going forward. This includes technology and credit professionals becoming more involved in the decision making process.

Episode 5: Dan talks to Richard Osborne from Business Data Group


50 minutes

It's not all doom and gloom! In this vodcast, CoCredo MD, Dan Hancocks talks to Richard Osborne from Business Data Group. They take a look at the latest business start-up statistics during COVID-19, what they find might just surprise you!

Episode 4: Part one, we talk to Laurie Beagle and Martyn Brooke from Forums International


30 minutes

In the first part of this interesting podcast, Dan talks to Laurie and Martyn about the rise of limited companies in the UK, Late Payment Code and Off Shoring. Please note this interview was carried out prior to Covid-19 but the information contained is still relevant.

Episode 3 : We discuss trade credit insurance with David Encell from Prophet Group


30 minutes

In this episode, Dan and David discuss the effect that Covid-19 has had on the trade credit industry, how government schemes are on their way to help, and David explains how Prophet Group works closely with CoCredo to enhance their product offering. This interview has been conducted via Zoom.

Episode 2: David Boots talks to Vineesh Madaan from Bluestone Leasing


11 minutes

In CoCredo's 2nd vodcast David, Sales Manager at CoCredo talks to Vineesh via Zoom about how Covid-19 has affected the leasing industry, his business and what changes he has made to accommodate the current situation.

Episode 1: Dan talks to Jon and Charlie from ACS Office Solutions


33 minutes

Jon Thorpe (MD) and Charlie Bridgeford (Credit Controller) from ACS Office Solutions, join Dan Hancocks via zoom to discuss the 'new normal' in the workplace and what they see the future looking like. They look at issues such as social distancing in the workplace, how the credit function is affected, how the business has had to adapt to the changes that Covid-19 has brought with it and what measures they are taking to look after their staff.